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You will receive your address in the Login customer panel!

Buy whatever you want on the websites in USA, China and Others and send to Jonnysbazar .

If you buying from our Online Store, use the coupon "reenvio" to get Free Shipping and we will add your purchase to your forward mail package!!!

Upon receiving your package, we will notify you via email with product information and photos. Pay with Paypal and your package will be shipped in up to 48 hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Doubts, can be taken on our Facebook Jonnysbazar fan page and also My Personal facebook Dhyogo Azevedo, in the email and whats app!!
Doubts are always welcome!!

Click the Services and Prices tab and see the Shipping amount for the weight you want
Pretty much everything! Clothing, children's articles, makeup, games, electronics, accessories, cosmetics...
Yes you can! Unlike Brazil, buying on sites in China you receive your product in the warehouse in about 10 days.
eBay, Amazon and all others that accept your international credit card or Paypal account

Personal Shopper - Assisted Shopping

How does it work?

It means, when your Credit Card from your country is not accepted on the site you want to buy!!
Yes, we do assisted shopping or personal shopper and you can pay us using Paypal as payment Method! It has become easier for you who do not have an International Credit Card.

If your purchase or merchandise costs $ 100, we will add 7% of Our Service Fees over the value of 100! Example: 100 + 7% = 107 dollars is the amount you will pay + Shipping fees to your home destination.
We buy in any site, List of some sites here click on this link (by the link of the site WHERE TO BUY) Still have doubts? send an email to jonnysbazar@gmail.com.

Personal Shopper Fees = 7%

Still have questions?

Chat with us! Send us an email with your questions and we will help with everything that is possible.